The ocean.




There is an ocean,

Between one day an another,

That is the size of the Atlantic,

And prevents us from returning

To the previous day.


The more the pass days,

The more grows the immensity.

There´s no use in crying,

Or weeping,

For the previous day.


Only remains looking forward

Like that airplane that goes on.

A crossing that seems endless.

Illusion that satisfies

But dceives.

The next day is also scaring.

But at least there´s rivers and lakes.

Perhaps smaller,

To go smaller.


If there´s no coming back,

Fear can not exist to go forward.

Vastnes like this,

So enormous,

No one forgets.

It is born with him,

And dies born with way.


Maybe some day the geography changes.

He once and for all emerge.

He always will come from the previous day,

Where always been his place.


There is a portion of water,

Between onde day and another.

Between a week and another.

Between year and another.

It grows, neverthless, day by day,

To scare you.


Untamed ocean.

Although so large,

Althrough nobody sees it,

Or perceives it.

When one does,

The wrinkles are the thing left.

Terrible wrinkles of the aging days.

Tattoos of the day that´s gone.

Mystery that nobody ecan explain.


© Ocean. Poem of Bomani Flávio.


Imagem: Pixabay

Tradução de Mariana Sá

Translation of Mariana Sá



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